Plastic is in our communities, rivers and oceans. It is in our water, air, rain and snow, and it is also in our bodies. Plastic pollution is one of the biggest, most urgent threats facing our planet and our health.

Our vision is for a world without plastic pollution.

Through Sea the Future, we aim to end plastic leakage to nature and to accelerate transition towards a circular plastics economy – which would see the current ‘take-make-waste’ approach transformed to an era of plastic reuse and recycling.

We seek to increase transparency across the plastics supply chain to help industry, investors, governments and consumers make more informed decisions about how plastics are funded, produced, consumed and disposed of.

We encourage the public, industry, and government to take action, to use less plastic, and to support progress towards a circular economy for plastic. We invest in and incubate technologies and innovations that drive down the cost of plastic recycling, create alternatives to plastic, and enable the recovery of plastic from nature, including from the ocean.


We are working with industry to create a market-led model for a circular plastics economy.

We are leading world first research to create greater transparency across the plastics supply chain.

We incubate innovations to reduce recycling costs, create alternatives to plastic and recover plastic that is already polluting our environment – particularly the ocean. Our aim is to enable businesses, governments, and consumers to take effective actions that end plastic pollution in a generation.


Of the 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic produced since its invention in the 1930s, only 9 per cent has ever been recycled.

Every month, governments spend billions of dollars trying to manage this waste. Yet the amount of plastic we make, and the waste we produce, is rapidly increasing. Leakage rates into the environment are expected to triple in the next 20 years.

The good news? Technologies that could reduce the leakage by 80 per cent already exist. A circular plastics economy – which replaces the typical cycle of ‘take, make, waste’ with re-use and recycling – offers the best chance the world has to eradicate plastic pollution.

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